Investment Banking 

    a) Private placement of Equity / Preference Shares /    Debentures.
    b) Buying and selling equities/debentures on behalf of high net-worth individuals / Corporates / Banks / FIIs.
    c) Negotiated deals on behalf of Corporates / Institutions / Brokers / FIIs. 
    d) Acting as arrangers / sub-arrangers to bond / debenture placements by PSUs / Financial Institutions. 
    e) Bridge finance for companies proposing to enter capital markets with public / rights issues.
    f) Arranging funds for Promoters, and Promoters' companies to subscribe to their share of the public / rights issue.

    a) Securitisation of receivables.
    b) Placement of Commercial Paper on behalf of large corporates.
    c) Buying / Selling / Syndicating large deals in Units / PSU Bonds / T- Bills / CDs / Floating Rate Bonds.
    d) Loans against pledge of Units / Bonds.
    e) Arrangement of Repos against permitted securities.